Smart Home and Security System Accessories

Select from a wide range of accessories to make your smart home automation and security system a perfect fit for you, your home and your family.

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  • ProSeries 7″ Wireless Touchscreen

    ProSeries 7" Wireless Touchscreen

    A Secondary, Easy-to-Use Control Panel

    With a sleek, elegant design, this graphic touchscreen combines a brilliant, high resolution display with an intuitive user experience for complete control of the security system and home automation devices. NOTE: This panel is designed to be a secondary control panel. The ProSeries A7 Plus must be included in a new system as your primary control panel. Dimensions: 4.76"L x 7.68"W x 0.708"D
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  • ProSeries Control Panel Wall Mount Charging Dock

    ProSeries Control Panel Wall Mount Charging Dock The PROWLTOUCHWM is a wall mount and charging dock for the secondary ProSeries 7" Wireless Touchscreen. (Not needed or required for the primary PROA7PLUS Control Panel.)
    Includes FREE professional installation
  • ProSeries Display Wireless Keypad

    Maximizing convenience and control, this LCD Wireless Keypad has a bright, large custom Alpha display and can be wall or desk-mounted. With single-button operation, it is continuously backlit for greater visibility, and blends nicely with any décor. Additional wireless keypads can easily be placed throughout your home for access in multiple rooms. This keypad can control your security and smart home settings, similar to the touchscreen keypad and Total Connect 2.0 app. Expert tip:Put an additional keypad at another point of entry or in your master bedroom for easy access. Dimensions: 5.75"L x 3.875"W x 1"D | Backup Battery: 24-Hour, 7.2V, 6x600mAh, NiMH | Battery Life: About Five (5) Years | Encryption: 128-bit AES | Mounting Options: Wall-Mount or Desk-Mount | Tamper Detection: Yes (cannot be disabled)
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  • Docking Station for ProSeries® Control Panels

    Your control panel is completely portable. Take it with you anywhere in your home.

    The Resideo Honeywell Home PROA7DM is a docking station intended for use with the ProSeries PROA7, ProSeries PROA7C, ProSeries Canada PROA7CN, ProSeries PROA7PLUS, ProSeries PROA7PLUSC or ProSeries Canada PROA7PLUSCN all-in-one wireless touchscreen control panels. This docking station provides a powered option as an alternative to wall mounting. ProSeries panels are charged while on the docking station. The PROA7DM docking station provides a easy way to conveniently use the ProSeries wireless touchscreen control panel on an office desk, nightstand or any other flat, stable surface. The docking stataion can be positioned at a 30° or 60° angle for easy viewing of the 7" touchscreen panel.
    • Set up in minutes
    • 30° and 60° angle viewing
    • Provides charging for ProSeries wireless touchscreen control panels
    • Can be used on an office desk, side table, night stand or any other flat, stable surface
    Includes FREE professional installation
  • ProSeries Wireless Repeater

    Resideo Wireless Repeater for ProSeries and SiX Sensors 

    Extend the effective range of your ProSeries devices in hard to reach areas. 

    Need to increase the wireless communication range for encrypted PROSIX and SiX Series Sensors used with Resideo ProSeries Control Panels? The ProSix wireless repeater is the answer. The ProSeries PROSIXRPTR is an RF wireless receiver and a transmitter that extends the range of ProSiX series devices. The PROSiXRPTR receives alarm, status, and control messages from PROSiX series devices and forwards these messages to the ProSeries wireless control panel. This powerful device will repeat the wireless signals for any PROSIX or SiX Series Encrypted Sensor used with the ProSeries Alarm Panels. The use of the repeater is advised if any paired PROSIX or SiX Sensor has less than two (2) bars according to its signal strength.
    Includes FREE professional installation
  • ProSeries Personal Medical Alert Pendant

    Water-Resistant Medical Alert Button

    The ability to feel safe and secure, whether inside the home or out in the garden, is essential for many older adults or those with medical conditions. That's why it is essential that they be able to easily and quickly call for help in a medical emergency. That's where the ProSeries personal medical alert pendant comes in. This lightweight, wearable device connects with our monitoring center and loved ones at the touch of a button, helping to ensure a fast response when moments count. Includes two-way wireless encrypted communications for compatibility with all ProSeries control panels. It comes with a battery, belt clip, lanyard and wristband.
    Includes FREE professional installation
  • ProSeries Personal Panic Transmitter

    ProSix Personal Panic Transmitter

    Safety, Security and Around-the-Clock Peace of Mind

    Part of the PROSIX family of Two-Way Wireless Technology, the Honeywell Home Personal Medical Transmitter from Resideo can help provide the next level of awareness for your loved ones, with immediate activation, connecting to a 24/7 monitored service. The PROSIXPANIC comes with a battery, belt clip, lanyard and wristband.
    Includes FREE professional installation
  • ProSeries Two-Way Wireless Keyfob

    ProSeries Two-Way Wireless Keyfob 

    Security and Automation Control at Your Fingertips

    The Resideo PROSIXFOB serves as a wireless keyfob for ProSeries systems. You can use this keyfob to arm and disarm the system, trigger emergency panics, and activate automation commands. All signals between the panel and the PROSIXFOB are sent using 128-bit AES encryption. This keyfob will allow you to perform a variety of programmed functions on your ProSeries system. There are four (4) buttons on the PROSIXFOB, and each can be set up with a unique command. The fob also allows for dual-button inputs, giving you the ability to program up to eight (8) different functions with one device. The PROSIXFOB comes on a key ring, and you can easily carry it around in your pocket or purse for easy access. There are LED lights on the PROSIXFOB to provide indication when a command has been sent out. The keyfob also has a small sounder to provide audible verification of commands. The icons on the buttons make it easy to identify each command. Customizable programming allows you to set up each input in any way that meets your needs. The keyfob uses an included single 3V lithium CR2032 coin battery for power. Typical battery life for the keyfob is about three (3) years. The panel will let you know when the keyfob battery is low and in need of replacing.
    Includes FREE professional installation
  • ProSeries Two-Way Wireless Indoor Siren

    ProSeries® Two-Way Wireless Indoor Siren

    In an emergency, seconds count

    For ultimate safety and peace of mind, our sirens light up according to the threat that was detected. If the light is blue, carbon monoxide has been detected. If the light is red, smoke has been detected. With our new technology, one-go-all-go, all sirens will sound and light up for added security.
    Includes FREE professional installation
  • ProSeries Outdoor Siren

    ProSeries® Two-Way Wireless Outdoor Siren

    In an emergency, seconds count.

    This Resideo ProSeries Outdoor Siren has a range of 300 feet and comes with LED indicators and mounting hardware. It is part of the PROSIX technology family, which gives you immediate and convenient access to important system functions.
    Includes FREE professional installation