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  • ProSix Glassbreak Detector A critical first-line of defense for your home and family. Did you know that 23% of intruders enter through a glass window or door? And many break the glass in the process. When a glassbreak sensor detects broken glass, an alarm signal is immediately sent to our monitoring center and a siren will sound to deter the intruder from entering your home.
  • ProSix Wireless Motion Sensor No one gets by our state-of-the art motion sensors. Our professional-grade motion sensors are smart. Very smart. They know the difference between a pet and an unwelcome intruder. When armed, as soon as it detects movement inside your home it sends a signal to the control panel, sounding the alarm, notifying you and alerting our monitoring center to dispatch the authorities. BEST Expert Tips:
    • The best placement for a motion sensor is looking down hallways and into central rooms that an intruder would most likely pass through.
    • It is also advisable to place a motion detector in the master bedroom, since this is a primary target for intruders.
    • Avoid placing motion detectors so that they are looking directly out of glass doorways or large picture windows. Also avoid placement near heat sources such as air vents.
    • Outdoor motion detectors are also a good idea to deter intruders before they gain access to your home.
  • A Critical First Line of Defense Against Intruders With a range of up to 200 feet and 128-bit AES encryption, the ProSix Two-Way Mini Wireless Window and Door Sensor provides a high level of security to the furthest areas of your home. The mini size allows for fit in tight spaces and easy installation.  The moment a door or window is opened by an intruder, the ProSix sensor immediately signals the security system and sounds the alarm. It also signals the control panel to notify the monitoring center so that you and the authorities, if needed, can be notified of the attempted intrusion. BEST Expert Tips:
    • Add one door/window sensor for each exterior door and window of your home, especially those on the ground floor.
    • Remember to include a sensor for your exterior and interior garage doors.
    • These sensors can also be used to secure your pool gate, liquor cabinet, gun cabinet, master bedroom closet and more.
    • You can program your system to alert you when the sensor detects that one of these protected areas has been opened.