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  • ProSix Wireless Motion Sensor No one gets by our state-of-the art motion sensors. Our professional-grade motion sensors are smart. Very smart. They know the difference between a pet and an unwelcome intruder. When armed, as soon as it detects movement inside your home it sends a signal to the control panel, sounding the alarm, notifying you and alerting our monitoring center to dispatch the authorities. BEST Expert Tips:
    • The best placement for a motion sensor is looking down hallways and into central rooms that an intruder would most likely pass through.
    • It is also advisable to place a motion detector in the master bedroom, since this is a primary target for intruders.
    • Avoid placing motion detectors so that they are looking directly out of glass doorways or large picture windows. Also avoid placement near heat sources such as air vents.
    • Outdoor motion detectors are also a good idea to deter intruders before they gain access to your home.