MotionViewer® Indoor Security Camera

See what’s happening at home.

The totally wireless MotionViewer® is an indoor security camera that greatly enhances your smart home security system.

The ProSeries MotionViewer makes you immediately aware of unexpected events happening inside your home for the ultimate in safety and security.

Keep watch on your home around the clock when you’re not there. When motion is detected, you’ll receive an alert on your mobile device and can view captured video clips anytime, anywhere.

When installed as part of a ProSeries smart home security system, it can detect a potential intruder, record a short video clip and transmit it to our monitoring station, enabling video alarm verification. The confirmation that an intrusion or any other event is in progress can help ensure a high priority response from authorities.

With intelligent motion detection, the security camera motion sensors not triggered by false alarms, so you only get notified to movement that matters.