ProSeries Wireless Repeater

Resideo Wireless Repeater for ProSeries and SiX Sensors 

Extend the effective range of your ProSeries devices in hard to reach areas. 

Need to increase the wireless communication range for encrypted PROSIX and SiX Series Sensors used with Resideo ProSeries Control Panels? The ProSix wireless repeater is the answer.

The ProSeries PROSIXRPTR is an RF wireless receiver and a transmitter that extends the range of ProSiX series devices. The PROSiXRPTR receives alarm, status, and control messages from PROSiX series devices and forwards these messages to the ProSeries wireless control panel.

This powerful device will repeat the wireless signals for any PROSIX or SiX Series Encrypted Sensor used with the ProSeries Alarm Panels. The use of the repeater is advised if any paired PROSIX or SiX Sensor has less than two (2) bars according to its signal strength.