The Sentinel

The Protector provides enhanced security and capabilities for larger homes or for those looking for a higher-level of security and peace-of-mind. As with all our systems, you can easily add devices at any time.
What’s included:

Customize Your System

Want to add or delete devices? No problem! You can quickly and easily customize your system below to perfectly fit your needs. Then simply add your customized system to your cart at the bottom of the page and check out. Need help or have a question? Get in touch!


ProSeries A7 Plus All-In-One Control Panel

The A7 Plus is included with every system and is free when you prepay the first year of system monitoring. The price of the A7 Plus will be deducted from your total when you check out. 

Note: If another control is needed, you can add a 7" wireless touchscreen or wireless keypad below.


ProSeries Control Panel Wall Mount Charging Dock

ProSeries Control Panel Wall Mount Charging Dock

The PROWLTOUCHWM is a wall mount and charging dock for the secondary ProSeries 7" Wireless Touchscreen. (Not needed or required for the primary PROA7PLUS Control Panel.)

$29.00 each

Docking Station for ProSeries® Control Panels

An easy way to conveniently use the ProSeries wireless touchscreen control panel on an office desk, table, or nightstand.

$29.00 each

ProSeries 7" Wireless Touchscreen

With a sleek, elegant design, this graphic touchscreen combines a brilliant, high resolution display with an intuitive user experience.

$169.00 each

ProSeries Display Wireless Keypad

Maximizing convenience and control, this LCD Wireless Keypad has a bright, large custom Alpha display and can be wall or desk-mounted.

$99.00 each


ProSix Wireless Door/Window Sensor (Mini)

The moment a door or window is opened by an intruder, the ProSix sensor immediately sounds the alarm and signals the control panel.

$49.00 each

ProSix Wireless Motion Sensor

As soon as it detects suspicious movement the motion sensor sounds the alarm and sends a signal to the control panel to notify you and the monitoring center.

$49.00 each

Glassbreak Detector

Keep intruders out of your home by detecting the sound of broken glass.

$69.00 each


MotionViewer® Indoor Security Camera

The ProSeries MotionViewer Indoor Security Camera makes you immediately aware of unexpected events happening inside your home for the ultimate in safety and security. Keep watch on your home around the clock when you're not there. When motion is detected, you'll receive an alert on your mobile device and can view captured video clips anytime, anywhere.

$59.00 each

ProSeries Indoor Security Camera

The ProSeries WiFi Indoor Security Camera lets you connect to your home 24/7. A powerful way to monitor your home, pets, and family from anywhere.

$199.00 each

HD WiFi Outdoor Home Security Camera

This HD WiFi Outdoor Home Security Camera captures crisp, clear high-resolution video of events and activity. Night vision, cloud storage, mobile views and alerts.

$199.00 each


Combination Smoke/Heat and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Our smoke/heat and carbon monoxide (CO) detector is a two-way, professionally monitored, wireless, combination life safety sensor.

$179.00 each

ProSix Wireless Smoke Detector

Protect your home and family from the devastating and potentially deadly risk of a fire.

$79.00 each

ProSeries Wireless Heat Detector

In some areas of your home, a heat detector may be a better option than a smoke detector.

$79.00 each

ProSeries Personal Medical Alert Pendant

Get unmatched peace-of-mind with this water-resistant medical alert pendant.

$39.00 each

ProSeries Personal Panic Transmitter

Our panic transmitter provides safety, security and around-the-clock peace-of-mind.

$39.00 each

ProSeries Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector

Protect your loved ones from the invisible, odorless and potentially deadly threat of carbon monoxide.

$119.00 each


WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector

Stay connected and aware of potentially costly water leaks in your home.

$49.00 each


T6 Pro Z-Wave Smart Thermostat

The T6 Pro Smart Thermostat gives you superior home comfort, control and energy savings.

$169.00 each

Z-Wave Plus Plug-in Smart Switch/Dual Outlet

Our Smart Plug-in Outlet provides the connected convenience your modern lifestyle demands.

$59.00 each


ProSeries Two-Way Wireless Keyfob

You can use this keyfob to arm, disarm, trigger emergency panics, and activate automation commands.

$29.00 each

ProSeries Two-Way Wireless Indoor Siren

For ultimate safety and peace of mind, our sirens light up according to the threat that was detected.

$89.00 each

ProSeries Wireless Repeater

Extend the effective range of your ProSeries devices in hard to reach areas.

$99.00 each

Total Connect 2.0 App

Connect and control your home from anywhere, anytime, on any mobile device. Included free with your professional monitoring program.

Lawn Signs × 2

Lawn signs are a great first line of defense. They let potential intruders know that your home and family are fully protected.

Window Decals × 3

Window decals are a great first line of defense. They let potential intruders know that your home and family are fully protected.