Wireless Indoor Asset Protection Sensor

Wireless Indoor Asset Protection Sensor

Do you have valuables, heirlooms or other property that need extra protection? The Honeywell 5870API is a wireless indoor asset protection sensor that is meant to protect a single valuable object from theft.

The 5870API adds an extra layer of security for assets like gun cases, jewelry boxes, artwork and more. Other common applications for the 5870API wireless asset protection device are TVs, computers, projectors, musical instruments, antiques, safes, medicine cabinets, liquor cabinets, expensive tools and priceless collectibles.

Simply affix the 5870API sensor to the property (tilt mode is great for protecting jewelry boxes or cash boxes with tops that hinge upwards).

If the object is disturbed, opened or moved, the security system will be triggered and respond with your desired action(s), such as a chime (if the system is disarmed), siren and/or text alert notification to you and/or the monitoring center.

Product Summary:

  • The 5870API is a wireless asset protection device designed to guard against theft. It easily affixes to any valuable requiring protection within the home, including paintings, flat screens and other electronics, family heirlooms, liquor cabinets, gun cabinets, medicine cabinets, artwork, etc.
  • The 5870API is an ideal solution for early warning notification or alarm verification. The 5870API uses patented Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) Accelerometer technology, which senses acceleration in the X and Y axis. 
  • The transmitter is fully supervised and can send alarm, tamper, trouble and low battery conditions to the control panel.