Z-Wave Plus Plug-in Smart Dimmer/Dual Outlet

Z-Wave Plus Plug-in Smart Dimmer/Dual OutletĀ 

The Resideo Z5DIMPID is a 300 W incandescent, 100 W dimmable CFL/LED, 1800 W pass-through, plug-in dimmer and dual outlet. The Z5DIMPID plug-in dimmer/outlet comes in a white color.

The Honeywell Home suite of Z-Wave Plus lighting controls provides the connected convenience modern lifestyles demand. The smart dimmers, switches, and outlets connect to a control panel to provide home automation from the Resideo Total Connect app, or to all popular voice assistants.

Set smart scenes for any occasion. Automate lights, small appliances and more. These devices are ideal for every room and can also be used for light commercial applications.

The complete product offering includes indoor, outdoor, in-wall, and plug-in options for versatile lighting solutions.

Key Features:

  • Wirelessly control, adjust, and schedule lighting and small appliance control with Total Connect from the security panel, or by using a voice assistant.
  • Deter unwanted visitors – turn on lights to make home appear occupied.
  • Compatible with any Z-Wave certified hub/gateway – provides remote access from any mobile device.
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified – ensures increased communication range, network-wide inclusion, and over-the-air updates.