Z-Wave Tamper Resistant Smart Outlet

Z-Wave Tamper Resistant Smart OutletĀ 

The Resideo Z5OUTLET is a Z-Wave Plus in-wall outlet that provides smart control for connected devices. The top outlet is always live, while the bottom outlet is for Z-Wave Plus control. By using this device, you can control the device connected to the bottom outlet from virtually anywhere.

It is very easy to get started with the Resideo Z5OUTLET. The device can easily be installed in place of most standard single-gang outlets. Just cut power at the breaker, remove the existing outlet, and install the Z5OUTLET in the same place. Then pair the device with your Z-Wave network.

A major benefit is that the device will strengthen the signal strength of your network by serving as a repeater.

If you pair the Resideo Z5OUTLET with your ProSeries Control Panel you can control it with Total Connect 2.0 from virtually anywhere. You can even set up smart scenes to have the device connected to your Z5OUTLET activate automatically based on a schedule or with certain system events.