Total Connect 2.0

Total Connect 2.0 lets you stay in the know wherever you go. With the tap of a finger, you can control your entire security and home automation system. View live video and video doorbell events, control thermostats, lighting and locks and receive text and video alerts — anytime, anywhere. All with a single app!

Professional Installation of All Devices In Your New System 
Included FREE!

With Total Connect® 2.0 you can control and connect your home or business from anywhere, anytime, on any mobile device. 

Control and manage your security system and smart home devices including: garage doors, thermostats, lights, locks, video doorbell, indoor and outdoor cameras and more. View live video, talk to people at the front door, use voice control and receive instant activity alerts on important events. Total Connect 2.0 makes it more convenient than ever for you to stay connected. 

Better yet, Total Connect 2.0 is included free with your professional monitoring program!

Remote Control

Arm or disarm your security system, unlock or lock doors, turn lights off or on, adjust thermostat temperature, even open or close Chamberlain garage doors from wherever you are.

Smart Scenes

Customize your home with a series of automated actions. Create an exit routine that adjusts the temperature and locks the doors. Or run a bedtime routine that checks the garage door status, turns on outdoor lights and arms your security system.

Push Notifications

Receive alerts when events happen such as extreme temperature changes, unusual sounds, water leaks, motion detection, doors opening or specially protected areas are entered or approached.


Location awareness alerts you when you are out of boundaries, reminding you to arm your security system.

These short videos showcase many of the exciting features, advantages and benefits of Total Connect 2.0 that will make your life easier, safer and more enjoyable. Total Connect 2.0 is included free with your professional monitoring program.

Remember, if you have any questions your BEST Expert is happy to help!

Rated 4.6/5 Stars on the Apple App Store

Real security.
You cannot get all these features in one app with these do it yourself commercials we see, so if anybody wants a real security system that is really going to work in the event of an emergency I would go with this one.
Mr. Fire Man - Apple App Store Review
Works flawlessly.
This was a simple app to remotely set and monitor my alarm. Works flawlessly.
Vu Q. Tran - Google Play Store Review
Helpful reminders.
I love that the app reminds me when I've left the house and forgot to turn on the alarm. No matter where I am or where I'm going. It even works if I'm out of town.
Kweilin Nassar - Google Play Store Review
Works wonderfully.
I program my new home control unit from the Total Connect app on my phone which, to my satisfaction, works wonderfully. It's perhaps the perfect interface between a solidly built device with a great legacy and new technology software.
Gary Olsen - Google Play Store Review
Really useful.
Really useful. I have guests who often want to go to my weekend place and I can turn the alarm on and off without giving anyone the code or relying on them to reset the alarm.
Sherry S. - Google Play Store Review
Love it.
This is a very comfortable and easy platform to operate. The added sense of security and the rapid knowledge acquired by using this platform is very comprehensive, including the events log and the ability to isolate individual users and their access. I love it. Exactly what I've been looking for.
Bill Bauman - Google Play Store Review